Improvement of Principles and Transparency Organizational Policy

The major dilemma facing companies who are struggling is whether to have large scale layoffs to help with the financial difficulties or to employ a shared sacrifice doctrine. The shared sacrifice idea can make the company appear more socially responsible and more compassionate towards their labor force. The important thing about dilemmas is that there are two points of view that see the situation in two totally different lights. I believe an important aspect of improving principles and governance documents is to make sure they are expressed to current and future employees. If the employee knows that the company employs a shared sacrifice mentality they will feel more secure about their assembly line position not going away in the near future. This dilemma is easily resolved by just communicating the organizations values and codes of conduct to the employees. Had Toyota been using a voluntary exit program in their downsizing process then the pressures of fiscal shrinkage could have been limited on all members of the organization. Whether a company decided to implement a policy of shared sacrifice or not is very important to their image. If they are known for downsizing by laying off many lower level workers then they could be turning away lots of talent in the manufacturing sector. However, if a company seeks to provide their employee’s with job security and options for employment they could see a major increase in positive moral among its labor force. It is imperative that this issue is addressed among policymakers for an organization so that this dilemma doesn’t end up costing the company.

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